Eco Hot for Cossac

Cossac is an incredibly transparent and sustainable fashion company that I recently fell in love wtih. They feature two collections, "For the Eye" and "For the Soul." For the Soul features the more casual wear and the For the Soul collection features more trendy and fashionable designs. I'm not exaggerating when I say Cossac is incredibly transparent. I've never been given such an extensive and detailed description of any company's environmentally safe initiatives. Reading their manifesto revived my love for sustainable fashion. Sometimes I find myself falling for the trendy clothing offered by companies who produce their garments through unethical and non-sustainable means, however Cossac has stolen my heart. They use various suppliers from UK, India, Turkey and other countries to source their fabrics. These fabrics are fair trade, organic, recycled or have low environmental impact. Production occurs in the UK or Turkey and they ensure their garments are made in safe working environments. Not only is their production sustainable but their store operation is as well. Receipts, purchases and delivery details are communicated via email to reduce paper waste. During delivery all packaging and labeling is kept to an extreme minimum. Business cards, hang-tags and boxes are made from recycled paper and are 100% recyclable. Cossac is a company that every trendy and environmentally conscious girl needs in her closet!

This sexy wrap skirt from the "For the Eye" collection, resembles black silk, however it is 100% tencel! This might be one of the softest articles of clothing I own. It also features a gorgeous silk tie at the top and an elastic waist band on the back. It's classic and chic. It's perfect for holiday parties or New Years Eve!


I've paired my skirt with a silk vintage lingerie body suit. I've also layered my second hand leather jacket over a vintage cardigan with a Mongolian collar to rest over the leather so it looks like one piece. It makes for a more fashionable look while also keeping me extra warm! 

Do yourself a favor and pick up this skirt to "wrap" up 2015 with!

This post has been sponsored by Cossac