Shed Some Light on the Subject

As my dad always says, "Let's shed some light on the subject. Shall we?" Of course he's talking about actual light. But, I think it's time that we shed some metaphorical light on the subject of slow fashion. Obviously we can't buy everything used // sustainable // ethical. It's either ugly, expensive, or time consuming to shop for (hence slow fashion) but here I am trying to embrace slow fashion as quickly as possible. 

If you're not sure what slow-fashion is, to briefly summarize, it's, "a vision for the fashion and textile industry based on ecological integrity and social equality. Slow fashion is a creative and inclusive approach inspired by the slow culture movements and Kate Fletcher. All fashion and textile stakeholders: brands, manufacturers, designers, makers, fiber farmers, suppliers, retailers and consumers, have an opportunity to partake in sustainable fashion, as the future depends on mutual responsibility and collaboration. This vision of success gives potential for fashion to flourish in support of our needs and in cooperation with nature, supported by new services, processes, relationships and production rhythms." Here's a quick guideline for what slow fashion is.

I'm really obsessed with this gorgeous lace dress my girlfriend gave me, but it came with this hot pink slip underneath so I had a hard time wearing it (hot pink is not my color, especially with orange undertone). Fortunately the slip and lace cover weren't attached so I was able to wear just the slip. It's casual and light, perfect to wear over a skirt, dress, or pants! I'm all about the contrast and detail RN.

Shop here: Jeans: Express from four years ago (made in U.S.A. option here) // Jacket: Gifted Leather Jacket (buy similar here) // Dress: Gifted Free People // Shoes: Zara (obviously unethical, but a black bootie will last a lifetime!) Jewelry: Verameat Wishbone + Gifted Crystal