Girls, Oscars, and Giving Back

One of my good friend's, hosts girl's night at least once a month, so I didn't think twice when I opened her Facebook event, "Girls, Oscars, and Giving Back." But when I opened the event page, the first line under the party description was, "Did you know that women throw away 68 pounds of clothing a year? Did you also know that for years I have had girls nights and have never thought of this statistic?" I thought about that statistic and how horrible it is! How could anyone just throw away their clothing?! What good is that doing for humanity or our planet? Thankfully, my girlfriend came up with a solution - to host an event where we could donate our unwanted clothing to families in need and purchase some handmade jewelery whose proceeds will also be donated to charity! The party was a success! I strongly urge you to host a similar event where you donate your clothing or host a swap, where your girlfriends trade unwanted clothing. This kind of event will be fun and philanthropic!

Top - The amazing woman who made this event happen, Karin Ziv, surrounded by all of the donated clothes!

Middle - The lovely ladies who provided the beautiful jewelry!

Bottom -  The incredible handmade jewelry, Nadiandlo by, Lital Odelia.