The Coachella Edit

I'm so sorry for not posting anything for a while. Since Coachella, I've been recuperating from the crazy weekend, on top of which, I've had to deal with some work related issues. Needless to say, I've been exhausted. But here I am ready to blog about my amazing experience from last weekend!

I've been going to Coachella for the last 6 years. Every year, I have a completely different experience. Sometimes I go into the festival earlier and spend the entire day there for all 3 days. This year, it was a bit more lax. We went in a little later so we'd have more energy come nightfall. However, we did go in a bit early on Sunday so I'd get the full experience at least once. Whenever I go to Coachella, I always go with a pretty big group. There's about 15 of us, and no matter how crazy things get, we always manage to end the night together. I have such a solid group. I love the way we do Coachella, I couldn't do it without them. I also couldn't do Coachella without my leather backpack, my blue scarf from Target (that's survived 4 Coachella's), wet naps, baby wipes, and a disposable camera. I'm also very impressed that I managed to wear an all white outfit that didn't get the least bit dirty (like a pro). I have to admit, whenever I shop for Coachella, I purchase clothing that I usually don't wear again or clothing that I wear once each day. This year, I recycled some of the accessories throughout my trip such as my backpack, my Elizabeth and James sunglasses, and my Sam Edelman sandals. Also, since I've started practicing a sustainable lifestyle, I purchased clothing that I know I will wear in real life without feeling like it's strictly festival wear. To ensure my promise is met, the next few style posts of mine, I will incorporate one piece of clothing I wore to Coachella. Until then, check out what I wore last weekend!

Day 1

Wearing: Reformation Dress (Similar) // Sam Edelman Shoes (Similar) // Chloe Sunglasses (Similar)

Day 2

Wearing: Second-Hand All Saints Top (Similar) // Vintage Shorts // Free People Bralette (Similar) // Free People Gladiator Sandals // Elizabeth & James Sunglasses

Day 3

Wearing: Haute Hippie Dress (Not-Sustainable) // Sam Edelman Sandals (Similar) // Elizabeth and James Sunglasses