5 Nordic Brands to Check Out

I've teamed up with Johanne of Bedremode to share some more awesome sustainable brands. Johanne is a sustainable fashion blogger extraordinaire. She has been so kind and awesome to work with. A while back, I shared my top five favorite American sustainable fashion brands with her. Now, she has decided to share her top five sustainable Nordic brands. It's amazing what similar styles we have! In classic fashion, I've checked out their websites, built my carts, and I'm ready to buy. (If you didn't already know, I'm psycho and build tons of online shopping carts. I also organize separate windows and tabs according to importance, style, etc. I may have a problem). Anyways - these brands are worth looking at and they ship to the U.S.!  **Click on the image to shop!**

Danish Aiayu produces luxurious knitwear in a quality they call Cashlama. As soft an beautiful as cashmere but coming from Bolivian Llamas. Aiayu means soul in the native tongue of Bolivia, and the llama is the soul of the society. They have been around for ten years, and are at the forefront for sustainability and transparency. Providing more information than most, the Aiayu website is a great place to learn about all the aspects of the products. Llamas are a traditional animal in Bolivia and is herded in the mountains, here the locals take care of the animals like they’ve done for centuries. When Aiayu receives the wool it is sorted into more than 10 natural colors to save on dye. The wool is spun and knitted into their apparel and home products, some by machines and some by hand. The company work closely with one factory, and constantly updates equipment and have also provided day-care for the workers children. I currently own one scarf and am saving up for the perfect grey sweater. Their prices might seam higher than what most people want to spend for one sweater, but it is so worth it, and you know that every step in the value chain is sustainable and well-considered. But not only that, you buy a sweater with impeccable design and quality. In the ten years they’ve been around they have expanded their collection to also include organic cotton shirts, but they are famous for their knitwear.

This Danish Label started out making simple printed tees in organic cotton. I was instantly intrigued and got two for Christmas. I had these for many years, before the print had faded. After that I cut of the sleeves and still use in the summer. Though sustainability is not at the forefront of their marketing strategy, I still love their street-wear style and have never regretted a purchase. The prices are also spot on, and their t-shirts and sweatshirts in organic cotton is high quality. Each year they introduce new prints and edgy quotes, but their cuts do not change much from year to year. All their cotton is 100% organic, and made in Turkey under ethical working conditions. I’m considering expanding my sweatshirt collection (I own two from them now) with a light pink one.

Maska is a Swedish brand that I discovered by chance but now love. They have an understated style, and going to their website is like visiting a slightly quirky but really stylish friend. It is impossible to place the clothes within any season or trend, but it all feels relevant and current. The clothes are cut to fit most bodies and to live the comfortable life. Preferable a slow life dedicated to good quality. It is founded by Maria Svensson, and she has indeed succeeded in her mission of “creating quality knitwear that transcend seasons”. It has since grown to include more than knitwear. The materials are all natural, and most things are produced within the EU, or at a Swedish owned factory in Nepal. Working conditions and environmental standards within the EU, are higher than in other production countries. Even though they only offer the most relevant information on their website, it bears testament that they do things properly. My favorite items are their linen dress, and I wouldn’t mind trying that printed skirt.

Neutral was nominated the world’s most sustainable clothing company and holds 6 certifications on their basic clothes. The Danish Company mostly sell business to business, but you can buy their clothes through a several websites. I own one sweatshirt and can bear testimony to the high quality, but design wise their is not much to say about them. But if you are looking for basics and a throughout sustainable product, these are the best. I mean, if you are looking for a white t-shirt or a black sweatpants, why not buy the one that is the best. Their cotton is certified organic by two different parties as well as fair-trade. Moreover the textiles have the Oeko-Tex certificate deeming them free of harmful substances. The last label is for wind powering their entire factory.

Nudie makes the best organic jeans I have come by. The Swedish company, focuses on cool street wear for cool people on the go. They also produce tops, jackets and shirts, but jeans are the backbone of the brand. Every pair is organic and highly durable. They carry many washes but the RAW denim is the best in my opinion. Nudie even encourages you to never wash your raw denim and wear the fades and tears with pride. Nudie jeans can last forever, and the company is willing to stand behind this statement. They have repair shops in some big capitals and even one in LA, and if you do not live close you can buy a repair kit. When you buy a pair of Nudie Jeans you are sucked into their universe with a special paper that tells you all about their organic and water saving production ways as well as ways to break in your new pair of jeans. They do not carry styles for men or women, so all styles come in all sizes. I find this a little confusing, so I never buy directly from their website, but rather from others who show the jeans on a woman’s body.