The Green Kitchen

Since I've officially been accepted to UCLA for the Fall, it looks like it's finally time to move out of my parent's house and into my own place. When I say my own place, I really mean I'm moving in with my boyfriend. I'm really lucky because he has a great apartment close to campus. He also has a bunch of new furniture (that I helped him pick out), so it's kind of like moving into my own apartment. Of course I'm a little bummed that I won't have an entire apartment for me to move all my stuff into, but the plus side is that I'll be able to go through everything and get rid of the years and years of crap I've collected. The next step is for us to start buying some much needed furniture, like a dining room table. We've both decided that we need one because he doesn't have one and we'll be cooking more at home when I move in. This is in part due to me not wanting to eat frozen meals anymore and I won't be able to afford take out once I flock from the nest. So I started looking around for a table and found this website Joss & Main. They are a flash website for furniture, meaning they sell designer pieces at a low price (you need to register to shop, but I highly recommend it). Also, these sales last for a few days at a time, so if you want to shop this sale, get on it fast. Please be aware that they are not a strictly sustainable company. However, the reason I'm sharing them with you is because of the great prices and mainly because I stumbled upon a sale for the "sustainable chef," which I kind of am.

Seeing this option really made me happy. More and more, I'm starting to see companies offer sustainable options for their product. Whether they're doing it because they genuinely care or they're just trying to save a buck, it doesn't matter because it makes me happy! I'm hoping that eventually there won't be a green option because I hope everyone will get the memo and just be sustainable anyways. I have to say that I really like the way Joss & Main presented their sustainable sale, however.

I don't believe that this toaster or microwave are sustainable products themselves, but they wrote a little blurb about why toasters and microwaves make for sustainable options. This will leave the customer with a fun fact about sustainability and maybe they'll want to read further into it. I'm also not sure if the section about outdoor furniture is entirely sustainable, but they had a similar little block:

To be honest, I'm still learning about sustainable materials in fashion, and I know ZIP about sustainable materials for furniture except for upcycled materials, of course. That's why this information block is awesome, because now I know that Eucalyptus is a more sustainable option and I'll definitely keep an eye out for it more. (I'll be doing more research before I base all of my future purchases on this, but it's a good starting point, always check your sources). So if I do any inspiration posts for the apartment, you can be sure that I'll be searching high and low for sustainable options and I will share with you why they are sustainable!

Please note: Any company that I mention in my posts are because I found them or have interest in them. I don't have any affiliation with them and I am not being paid to advertise for them. If this is the case, any review that I am paid for or gifted, I will tell you. This will ensure that I am completely transparent with you guys. I do this because I would want companies to be completely transparent with me. Therefore, Joss & Main did not pay me to do this post and they have no idea that this even exists.